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Auto Body Repair

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled car body repair with attention to detail.

Hail Damage Repair

Auto hail damage isn’t just a cosmetic issue; it can compromise your car’s structural integrity.

Auto Painting

Our team uses cutting-edge technology and expert color-matching techniques.

Paintless Dent Repair

Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art methods to seamlessly eliminate dents and dings.




Transforming Your Vehicle with Precision and Care

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We understand the frustration and inconvenience that comes with auto collisions. Your car isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an essential part of your daily life. When accidents happen, you need a reliable partner to restore your vehicle to its former glory. One element is automotive painting. That’s where we come in.

Our proven process for perfect results ensures that your vehicle’s paint job exceeds expectations. Our team takes pride in delivering flawless automotive painting finishes that restore your car’s aesthetic appeal and protect its value. At the heart of our auto painting service is attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Here’s a glimpse into our tried-and-tested process.

Paint Prepping and Sanding

Your satisfaction is our priority. From the moment you walk through our doors until your car leaves our shop, expect personalized attention. Examples include prepping and sanding of each vehicle during the auto body painting process. Before applying a fresh coat of paint, our skilled technicians prepare your vehicle’s surface. Using advanced car painting techniques and high-quality sanding tools, we smooth out every imperfection, providing a smooth canvas for the paint application.

Paint Priming Stage

Your vehicle is in capable hands. Our technicians are I-Car Gold Class Certified, a testament to their expertise and dedication to upholding industry standards during each car painting project. You notice this when we move on to the priming stage. This crucial step involves applying a specially formulated primer to enhance paint adhesion and durability. We aim to create a solid foundation that promotes long-lasting color retention and resistance to environmental elements.

Custom Exact Color Matching Paint

Achieving the perfect color match is essential. After all, it lets us seamlessly blend new paint with your vehicle’s existing finish. Therefore, our team uses cutting-edge technology and expert color-matching techniques. Taking this step, we can guarantee precise results that perfectly integrate with your car’s original color scheme.

Paint Stage

With the color matched and priming complete, it’s time to apply the paint. Our techs rely on premium-quality paints. They work hard to achieve uniform coverage and a flawless finish. Whether you opt for a classic hue or a custom color, expect stunning results that elevate your vehicle’s appearance.

Clear Coat Stage

We apply a clear coat finish to enhance the shine and protect the paint. This final layer adds depth and luster to the vehicle’s exterior and provides essential protection against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental damage. It’s fair to say that this coat is a barrier protecting the paint job. Besides that, the clear finish coat maintains its paint’s brilliance for years to come.

Paint Polishing and Sealing

Our commitment to perfection extends beyond paint application. After the paint cures, our technicians polish the surface to a mirror-like shine. Next, we seal the paint with a high-quality sealant to provide an extra layer of protection against scratches. We verify the functioning of all sensors after the sealing process:

  • Park assist sensors.
  • Backup sensors.
  • Sonar-based sensors.


We’re more than just an auto painting service – we’re also your trusted partner for expert collision repair in Southern Utah. With a team of highly skilled technicians and a process-driven approach, we deliver superior results. They are visible in gorgeous auto body painting — whether you need it as part of a repair, restoration, or just in time for a color change.

Experience the difference our craftsmanship makes. Contact us today to schedule your auto painting appointment and discover why we’re the preferred choice for discerning drivers in Southern Utah.